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Eating SUPER in Detroit

One Nutritionists Favorite Choices at Detroits New Restaurants. Eating in the D Ok. Some would say I am an annoying restaurant patron because I have a difficult time ordering straight off the menu. My path to a meal of choice usually includes a change of sauce, an inquiry into cooking preparation or substituting a side dish. This conscientious system has only one intention. I like to make every meal count toward my path to wellness. I like to eat what makes me feel good. My conscientiousness starts with my nutrition education and ends with my gut, which prefers lower fat foods and my taste buds which love plant foods.. After I eat, I like to feel good, get through an afternoon meeting withou

What Should I Eat?

There is a lot of noise out here in the web to find a clear signal about what to eat. The one piece of information that no one can dispute is that making 50% of your plate veggies is good for your health. As a dietitian and healthy lifestyle expert, these simplistic messages come with a caveat. All of us have individual sensibilities, genetics, and dispositions. So, find a health expert to find a personalized meal plan that fits within those needs. For most health conscious humans, a plate of vegetables at your meals can reduce the risk for chronic illness. give you super powers for fighting effects of aging and help you go to the bathroom! So what's keeping you from trying to eat your vege

One Pot Winter Soup and Stews

Winter in Michigan requires a lot of positive thinking. One easy trick to making it through a winter week is having a quick meal you can warm up. I like to take an hour on Sunday to prep and cook one soup or stew that I can eat throughout the week. What? Eat leftovers? I normally am not a huge fan-even though I know it's not environmentally conscious. My own soup, that's been chilled properly and then put in the refrigerator to be eaten within 3-4 days or in the freezer if I won't get to it by Thursday is my perfect excuse for not getting take out. Need a new recipe? What are you looking to make?

Citrus Season, Just Peel it

If you can't get to California or Florida just head to the market and buy some citrus. It's hard to believe California had a drought because my california oranges are so delicious this week. (Try the Cara Cara's at Trader Joes and the leaf mandarins). I like to take one to work and eat it for an afternoon snack. But, I really like adding citrus to a fruit salad as a special addition. I cut the peel and sections to add to a salad with shaved fennel, top with olive oil and a splash of balsalmic for another amazing salad.

My Favorite New Thing

Churros. Churros are not exactly my new favorite thing. But the way Spaniards can eat a plate of these fried donut sticks and dip them in chocolate hot pudding and still stay looking svelt. It made me think. What are these Spaniards doing? Of course, in Detroit we don't walk much so maybe they do a lot more physical activity there. My instinct is also this. They eat a lot of fresh made food. The low key vibe, the afternoon meal with family, the late afternoon snack to be eaten with pleasure and a glass of Vermouth. The afternoon NAP. This is my favorite thing. Eat and enjoy. Savor the donut and chocolate with a friend. Balanced eating with mostly unprocessed vegetables and fruits, and you're

Salads for all Seasons

The simple salad strategy SALAD MANIA Are you thinking about changing the way you eat this winter? Is spring break closing in and you would like to reach your weight loss goals? Do you want to be eating more vegetables but aren’t really sure how to start? Salads provide the link to health, fullness and nutritional decadence. Eating more salad can fulfill an enormous appetite, provide the crunch and chew and flavors of the season with a full on nutrition “punch”. By increasing the amount of vegetables you eat each day you are not only feeling more full and satisfied-but you are giving your body the boost of nutrients it needs. Salad eaters tend to eat less calories, take in more anti-oxidants

Ground Hog Says Spring Comes Early

If you like to shop at the Birmingham Farmers Market this is a fantastic grower that will bring your CSA veggies right to you. Read about the opportunity to get fresh chicken and eggs too. Knowing your farmer allows you to know what's in and on your food. Supporting our local farmers means also providing support to the environment as they work to keep the soil viable for future generations. Sign up now and you will have first dibs at his delicious garden grown vegetables. What is CSA? CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a way to support farmers and shop for farmed goods. By purchasing a share in the farm ahead of time, you provide the means for the farmers to grow food that makes it to

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