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My Favorite New Thing


Churros are not exactly my new favorite thing. But the way Spaniards can eat a plate of these fried donut sticks and dip them in chocolate hot pudding and still stay looking svelt. It made me think. What are these Spaniards doing? Of course, in Detroit we don't walk much so maybe they do a lot more physical activity there. My instinct is also this. They eat a lot of fresh made food. The low key vibe, the afternoon meal with family, the late afternoon snack to be eaten with pleasure and a glass of Vermouth. The afternoon NAP. This is my favorite thing. Eat and enjoy. Savor the donut and chocolate with a friend. Balanced eating with mostly unprocessed vegetables and fruits, and you're one step closer to the meditteranean diet. Let's think about heart health and the meditteranean diet.


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