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Ground Hog Says Spring Comes Early

If you like to shop at the Birmingham Farmers Market this is a fantastic grower that will bring your CSA veggies right to you. Read about the opportunity to get fresh chicken and eggs too. Knowing your farmer allows you to know what's in and on your food. Supporting our local farmers means also providing support to the environment as they work to keep the soil viable for future generations. Sign up now and you will have first dibs at his delicious garden grown vegetables.

What is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a way to support farmers and shop for farmed goods. By purchasing a share in the farm ahead of time, you provide the means for the farmers to grow food that makes it to your table at harvest time. CSA allows farmers and their community to work together.

Types of Shares: *Farm Fresh Share* Includes your selection of 30 different vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown from organic seed as well as orange-yolked eggs from our flock of pastured hens, and whole chicken when available.

How does the Farm Fresh Share work? You pay for your selected share up front (see below for various rates). Then at farmers’ market (either Port Austin or Birmingham*), use your credit as you wish on vegetables, herbs, eggs and chicken. We will keep track of how much credit you have left to spend, and you don’t have to worry about bringing cash to market to shop with us! Use your credit before the end of the 2016 season, as credit will not roll over into 2017.

Chick membership $50...5% discount Hen membership $100...7.5% discount Rooster membership $200...10% discount

*Pastured Chicken Share* Includes weeks of fresh, whole Freedom Ranger chicken. Our chickens primarily forage while on our alfalfa pasture, but are also given organic grain feed. This breed is unconventional, and known for its flavorful and tender meat. If you aren’t going to eat your chicken one week, put it aside in your freezer for a cold winter roast :).

How does the Pasture Chicken Share Work? You pay for your selected share up front (see below for various rates). Then at farmers’ market you pick up your 4-lb chicken fresh every week for a full share or every other week for a half share. If you miss a market, don’t worry! We’ll freeze your chicken for you and you can pick it up at another market. The first chicken csa pick up is Memorial Day weekend at market, and the last pick up is the weekend of August 13th/14th. That’s 12 weeks of fresh chicken!

Full chicken share (12 chickens) $240 Half chicken share (6 chickens) $125

To sign up, email

*Port Austin Farmers Market: Every Saturday from 9am - 1pm; May 28th-October 8th Birmingham Farmers market: Every Sunday from 9am - 2pm; May 1st- October 23rd



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