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Eating SUPER in Detroit

One Nutritionists Favorite Choices at Detroits New Restaurants. Eating in the D

Ok. Some would say I am an annoying restaurant patron because I have a difficult time ordering straight off the menu. My path to a meal of choice usually includes a change of sauce, an inquiry into cooking preparation or substituting a side dish. This conscientious system has only one intention. I like to make every meal count toward my path to wellness. I like to eat what makes me feel good. My conscientiousness starts with my nutrition education and ends with my gut, which prefers lower fat foods and my taste buds which love plant foods.. After I eat, I like to feel good, get through an afternoon meeting without being tired, to have energy to work out and feel relaxed to sleep well at night. Because food works to balance our chemical make-ups, I like to look beyond just calories but the variety of food we eat.

So finding good nutrition while eating out-means eating plenty of great foods. And that means sometimes I take too long to place my order, often my dinner partners look over at my meal with awe or wonder and wish they had ordered what I did. I am always looking for something tasty, filling, and set to satisfy my yearning for certain tastes but also giving my body the best food for my health. Explore your own path to health and wellness and enjoy the adventure of eating out in Detroit.

To celebrate national nutrition month I’m sharing my adventure of eating nutritiously throughout metro Detroit. This article I hope will spark debate, share ideas and begin discussion about what food means to Detroiters both for taste and health. So here is my short-list on some of my favorite eats that combine great taste and a good wallop of nutritional explosion…

Slows is a great example of taking an iconic Detroit experience and loving the food and health opportunities. Start with their sourcing of meat that does not include antibiotics and hormones. You can take your kids out to eat and not feel they are having a steroid boost!! What looks like healthier options on their menu to me?

The smoked chicken, vegan chicken, both are good sources of low-fat protein. High fiber super foods abound here especially in their side dishes. Try their black beans, black eyed peas, and make that spicy harmony end with some homemade applesauce.

If you want to try a new vibe with many delicious items check out GoldCashGold, the service is fantastic and they won’t mind a bit of personalization. In terms of health benefits, the use of pickled veggies is fantastic and right in line with todays diet trends. As we try to eat healthier, adding pickled veggies is a another line of gut defense. So, try the pickles and pickled cauliflower, the homemade bread is outstanding and the house-smoked gravlax will make you smile while you offering your heart a fantastic serving of omega-3 fatty acids. The use of natural grains makes the dishes here a standout with local ingredients and careful cooking.

Craftwork in West Village is a little gem of a place that is now offering a macro biotic plate. They always offered a great appetizer of housemade baked chickpeas, and a delicious white fish spread. The grilled trout is a favorite way to get a lean protein balanced with their citrus dressed salad. The standout nutrition powerhouse is the beet and lentil entrée with roasted cauliflower..This dish is not for a vegan newbie on a first date-but eat well for a few weeks and you will love it.

Russell Street Deli, the soups and salads are nutritious, filling and provide the antioxidants and fresh foods our bodies crave.-If you’re down in Eastern Market during lunch time, Russell Street makes delicious homemade soup, there is a vegetarian option that usually is a pea or lentil base so it’s filling and full of fiber and B vitamins that will keep you awake through late afternoons. The salads are always memorable because they add a salad mix that includes hearty chopped vegetables. A salad there provides at least 2 servings of veggies. Add a bowl of soup and you’ve really hit the mark for your vegetable intake.

Selden Standard offers opportunities to eat seasonal produce. The wood roasting give both local trout and vegetables a healthy cooking technique. The carpaccio, like salad gives a perfect introduction to enjoying vegetables, that is almost too beautiful to eat. This root vegetable salad offers delicious flavor melding sliced Parmesan to create a lovely saltiness without heaviness. The side dishes offer you your cruciferous vegetable portion (those are the cabbage family veggies that help prevent cancers) and offer the benefits of antioxidants and fiber-so don’t forget to order the brussel sprouts minus the bacon and the cauliflower (enjoy the tahini for its mineral content).

Alley Taco-Who said you can’t eat a burrito or tacos and eat healthfully?

For a quick lunch, inside the market you can mix lean meat, beans and low-fat pico de gallo. My favorite are the veggie tacos with un-fried soft corn tortillas, filled with fresh veggies, fantastic black beans, and topped with your choice of salsa. This is an economical and delicious option for a quick meal. Meat options are available, ask for extra veggies, go light on the sour cream to boost your nutritional homerun without adding too many calories.

Jonny Noodle King-Besides being a gem of a little spot, the mushroom salad ( a great source of anti-viral compounds) make me so happy. You can order wheat or rice ramen noodles, and a variety of broths. The veggie broth, add seafood if you feel adventurous and extra seaweed for the boost of iodine!

Green Dot Stables - If you haven’t tried Tempeh before head to Green Dot and give yourself a dose of tempeh sliders. Tempeh might sound weird (fermented soybean patties) but, these burgers are an excellent source of vegetable protein, are easy to digest because of the fermentation process and that provides a great source of probiotics and iron. If tempeh isn’t your thing-they make a variety of sliders, try the chicken curry, or black bean versions for low-fat flavorful options, and a side of kale salad, summer cucumber salad and house salad for a reasonably priced well-rounded “pub meal”.

I could tempt you with more ideas but I’d like to know how you eat out and fill your body with health promoting foods? Please share…


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