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Why I LOVE my carbs-especially cause they are food for my microbiome.

We are all bombarded with conflicting messages about proper nutrition. The evidence for nutrition science takes careful attention since many studies can be correlations and maybe not show causation. As RDN's we regularly review the science of our area of expertise and maintain a focus on providing reliable explanations for our patients and communities. When it comes to low carb eating this subject is quite controversial depending on which report you read and what disease state we are discussing. Here's what we know about carbohydrates and why I LOVE my whole, unprocessed carbs. You can even see me loving potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta and rice.
Carbohydrates provide essential B vitamins
Carbohydrate rich foods can be an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber
Fiber helps people stay full, can help keep blood sugar stable over time, and helps ensure regular bowel movements.
Carbohydrates foods are a source of resistant starch which create short chain fatty acids promoting blood flow, increasing nutrient circulation, increasing mineral absorption and decreasing absorption of toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Download my free handout with recipes and meal ideas.

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