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Anti-Inflammatory Effects of a Vegan Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of a Vegan Diet Versus the American Heart Association–Recommended Diet in Coronary Artery Disease Trial Binita Shah, MD, MS; Jonathan D. Newman, MD, MPH; Kathleen Woolf, PhD, RD; Lisa Ganguzza, MS, RD; Yu Guo, MA; Nicole Allen, BS; Judy Zhong, PhD; Edward A. Fisher, MD, PhD; James Slater, MD

Need ideas for swapping to simple plant-based meals?

Order Thai food with steamed tofu

Try vegan Cheese on pizza at many pizzerias or order it cheese-less with veggies.

Bean Burritos and Tacos at a Mexican restaurant

Order your greek salad minus the feta add extra chickpeas.

Mediterranean restaurants order mjaddara, falafel or crushed or whole lentil soups for protein.

Try adding mushrooms to a marinara and starting with a minestrone soup at Italian.

Miso soup, veggie rolls, teriyaki vegetables at Japanese.

Peanut butter and jelly in place of deli sandwiches in lunchboxes

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