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Fall Eating Tip for Weight Loss Step 1: SLOW DOWN

What's getting in the way of you meeting your weight loss goals? Do you need structure, commitment, ideas about meal planning? Have you tried diet plans that seem to avoid entire food groups? Would you like support making life long changes to the types of foods you eat?

Step 1) Slow down and start to pay attention to the types of foods you eat. Think about whether they provide you not only energy, but the nutrients needed to thrive. Firstly, research shows us that you may consume fewer calories during a meal when you eat slowly. In order to lose weight, the goal is to eat less calories, so slowing down is a bonus. This process of slowing down can allow you to digest your food better and have a better sense of satiety. A slower eating pattern gives time for making decisions about the types of food that benefit us. You're probably thinking, it seems so simple, it can't make a difference. But, I'd like to hear from you if you have tried to slow down this week. The next meal you have, take time to really chew each bite and taste your food. And let me know know if slowing down keeps you from overeating.

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