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Cooking Like a Chef at Home

Last night, I had a great evening taking a Schoolcraft College cooking class with Chef James Rogato from Mabel Grey. Many of the tips and skills he taught we all can benefit from thinking about.

Use a recipe as a guide, not a rule book. If you don't have basil than use chives.

Think about flavor and layer it.

Make your own vinaigrette.

Juice your own citrus for your vinaigrette.

Summer is a great time for pickling and fermenting.

He started the class with a demonstration of preserved lemon. If you haven't tried to make preserved lemon I encourage you to try this.

1) It will add an amazing delightful flavor to your next rice dish, marinade, pasta-you name it.

2) Lemon peel is a strong antioxidant and adding citrus peel to your diet is a healthful.

3) You can make preserved lemons and keep them in your freezer so they won't go to waste.

Here's my rendition of Chef James Rogato's Preserved Lemon

5 lemons sliced thin

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup salt with 1 TBSP

he added fresh thyme and pepper

I like mine on the simple side.

Shake the sliced lemons and let sit for a couple hours.

You can store in the freezer and use for months.

I love them thrown on grilled vegetables and fish.

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