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Running the Bases

I want to follow up from my blog regarding fasting. Rather than try and remove food during the day to create weight loss I recommend taking small steps to lasting changes to eating behaviors. Let's first learn to hit the ball before you run to third base. Start by evaluating when you overeat. One small change for many people is to eliminate snacking at night. For someone that wants to attempt a "fast". Try fasting from 8pm to 7am. One book that helps create small changes is mini habits. Try a sample from Amazon and see if it resonates with you. If you are tempted to eat during the evening, explore why you want food. Are you truly hungry? Use the 5 second rule, I've talked about in past blogs. Give yourself a minute to breath and think if food is what you need. Maybe you should pick up the phone and call an old friend, read a book, create a powerpoint for class tomorrow, or enjoy an episode of House of Cards. You are only changing one thing. Not eating in the evening. You pick the time.

MIni Habits

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