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I'm Thirsty

Spring is in the air. As the temperature rises outside and the winter chill subsides, I don't know about you but I start to change from hot tea drinks to sipping on cold liquids. Want some ideas for low-calorie/free drinks that are tasty and filled with health promoting herbs and phytonutrients?

Ice cold water

After a tour to Sunset greenhouses I was so pleased to find out that all of their produce is GMO free and they don't normally use pesticides.

  • I made a pitcher of iced water with sliced Sunset brand cucumbers and left it in my fridge for two days while enjoying the veggie essence engage my senses. (when adding fruits and vegetables drink within 2 days)

  • I've been known to love mint and lime and that is a great way to get rid of an afternoon snack attack. Drop basil or mint leaves into your pitcher with a few squeezes of lime and drop the peel into the water. The savory and citrus combo offers a Vitamin C rush and a herbal zen.

  • This fall I invested in a reverse osmosis filter for my kitchen and I stopped buying all bottled water. Try keeping a pitcher of water in your fridge-that's really step one to remember to drink more.

  • Antioxidant insanity-add a dose of pomegranate juice to your water for a rich jolt of it's antioxidant powers without added sugars.

  • Iced-tea of all flavors and brands keep me quenched while at work. I make a concentrate and keep it in the fridge-on the way out the door in the a.m., it's a quick pour and I am out the door.

  • Favorite teas for iced tea: White tea with peppermint (it's amazing and rich in antioxidants). I also like Stash Chai Green Tea iced. (for iced tea-brew double strength).

  • Don't throw away your melon-add the rest to your water pitcher for the MOST delicious water. I am in love with both cantaloupe and honeydew water (try watermelon,too). You will not be sorry. Add about 3 cups of fruit to 64 oz pitcher of water. Serve your melon water over ICE for a superb and refreshing new drink.

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