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Loving Your Body Eating for You

One great gift of love to yourself is feeding and nourishing your body with wholesome food. Have you ever noticed that some meals may make you feel heavy and almost take your energy? While other times a meal can leave you energized, even light on your feet? Take a moment and think about what foods provide you positive energy and what meals may ZAP your vitality, It's not a prescription because each person responds to food they eat individually.

Here are a few of my wow, freak-out, I feel amazing meals:

Chopped Veggies-my crudite combo broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cucumbers and red cabbage. I like to dip these in either hummous (laced with some turmeric) or my homemade pea guacamole. This is a brown bag lunch with a few Mary's Gone Crackers.

Steel Cut Oatmeal-I love frozen-slightly defrosted blueberries(since they aren't in season here in MI yet) layered with steel cut oatmeal. This breakfast takes me from AM to PM without slowing down.

I love veggie chili-any type of bean and loads of veggies. This dish with spice and fiber can make me feel so loved and nourished.

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